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Daily News- 31.11.2019

16th Win for Suncoast and The Kitchen Studio

Suncoast Casino, Hotels and Entertainment,and The Kitchen Studio  won their 16th Daily News Your Choice Award. 


SA Home Owner- 24.11.2019

Future forward kitchens

We all want our kitchens to look stylish and elegant. Here are seven exciting kitchen design trends to embrace.


SA Home Owner- 02.09.2019

Whats trending?

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen island is the soul – this is generally where families get together in the mornings and evenings to enjoy a meal and catch up with each other.


Rising Sun- 26.03.2019

The Kitchen Studio takes top place at Decorex Durban

This quality designed stand, named ‘Best Overall Stand’ for 2019, forms part of this year’s extensive exhibitor programme featuring at Decorex Durban.


Decorex Durban- 22.03.2019

Decorex Durban award winners

The Kitchen Studio, took top honours at the 19th annual Decorex Durban Exhibitor Stands Awards held on Thursday, 21 March.



Kitchen trends

Modern building trends have seen kitchens expand in open plan designs that incorporate the kitchen into other vital living spaces. 


Habitat Magazine- 07.02.2019

Culinary Base- Kitchen trends

The design of kitchens for 2019 is oriented towards a return to those forms that draw on the past revisited in a modern way; it’s an original fusion between retro taste and contemporary spirit. 


Habitat Magazine- 26.02.2018

Kitchen trends' 18

It’s accepted that the 2018 kitchen represents the core of the home and to some extent will influence interior style, layout – depending on space – and overall ambiance. 

ECR 2018 74.jpg

SA Home Owner-02.02.2018

The buzz: Less is more

Ultra-modern clean-lined kitchens are still hot on the radar. Think sleek clutter-free surfaces, flush built-in fridges and ovens and no-handle, push-to-open doors and drawers.


Visi Magazine-16.06.2016

Made to Order Kitchens

"Whether you like a classic or a contemporary kitchen, The Kitchen Studio can make it to order."

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SA Home Owner- 10.04.2015

Kitchens we love

One of the perks of working for SA Home Owner is getting to see – and indulge in – a wide variety of exquisite homes on a daily basis.


Homemakers- 2013

Expo hosts a record-breaking 48 483 visitors over four days!

The Gauteng HOMEMAKERS Expo, held last week from 28 February to 3 March, opened their doors for the twentieth time to a record-breaking 48 483 visitors.


SA Décor -04.04.2018

Decorex Cape Town Goes Bold with Colourful Kitchens

The increasing prominence of the kitchen within the home has placed more emphasis on the décor and design elements used to craft the perfect space.


Pressreader- 08.09.2010

Making 1860 a reality

IT'S here, dear readers, just as we promised last week- exciting competition to take you to exotic India, courtesy of Serendipity Tours, or to give your kitchen a face- lift by The Kitchen Studio. 


SA Home Owner- 2009

Storage in style

According to Vinesh Maharaj, from The Kitchen Studio, in the old days pantries were always a necessity as it was more practical to store produce bought in bulk, at home, than to travel a distance to shops all the time.

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