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With over 50 completed multi-unit developments to date, The Kitchen Studio brings the same level of craft and expertise to large development projects as it does to the individual home.


Our Brand Adds Value To Your Development

As a Property Developer, your goal is to add as much value to your properties as possible before going to market.

The Kitchen Studio is one of the most recognizable kitchen brands in Southern Africa. We have developed a reputation for design excellence and quality, and have completed over 50 developments to date.

By using Kitchen Studio products, you will be adding a recognizable name to your development which not only increases its value in the mind of the consumer, but also lends credibility to your project.

Reliable After-Sales Service

Quality products and after-sales service are critically important in any development project. By cutting corners or appointing sub-par contractors, you are not only putting the profitability of the project at risk, but also your reputation. 

The Kitchen Studio has been in business for 28 years and operates out of 22,500m² of production and warehousing space. We are the largest business of our kind in South Africa.

By using us for your developments, you have the backing of an established business which can provide reliable after-sales service for years to come, giving both you and your customers peace of mind.

A Comprehensive Range of Finishes and Design Capability

Differentiation is critical in the highly-competitive property development space. One of the best ways you can give your project an edge is through outstanding design and distinct finishes. 

We offer more finishes than any other cabinetry and joinery company in South Africa. We are highly proficient in the manufacture of synthetic finishes, solid woods, stone and metalwork.

By partnering with The Kitchen Studio on your project, you will have access to our design expertise, a wide range of finishes and manufacturing capability, helping your development stand out from the crowd.

Case Studies


Morris Village, Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate


Sheffield Beach, KZN, South Africa




Lush, Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate


Sheffield Beach, KZN, South Africa




Wagtail, Brettenwood Coastal Estate


Salt Rock, KZN, South Africa






Umhlanga Ridge, KZN, South Africa

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathroom Vanities


A Proven Track-Record

50 developments and 3,936 units completed to date


Developments Of All Sizes

From 5 units to +1000 units, we can cater to virtually any scale


Turnkey Services

All development services from one team under one roof


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