With over 50 completed multi-unit developments to date, The Kitchen Studio brings the same level of craft and expertise to large development projects as it does to the individual home.

A Proven Track-Record

50 developments and 3,936 units completed to date

We have created the interiors for some of South Africa's biggest commercial and residential developments.

Our turnkey offering means we specify, design, manufacture and fit every unit with a single team under one roof, which allows us to ensure a high standard of quality and consistency in every development we partner on.

Having fitted thousands of units across dozens of developments, we have a proven track record of service delivery. 

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Developments Of All Sizes

Acsiopolis (Sandton, JHB)
Acsiopolis (Sandton, JHB)

1000 units. Mixed use development.

Zimbali (Ballito, KZN)
Zimbali (Ballito, KZN)

135 units. High-end residential development.

Eagles Court (Accra, Ghana)
Eagles Court (Accra, Ghana)

8 units. High-end residential development.

Acsiopolis (Sandton, JHB)
Acsiopolis (Sandton, JHB)

1000 units. Mixed use development.


From 5 units to +1000 units, we can cater to virtually any scale

From small high-end residential estates, to vast commercial mixed-use properties, we have fitted units for developments of varying scale.

This is primarily enabled through our high-capacity manufacturing facilities, which allow us to produce high-volumes of cabinets and furniture that cater to a variety of developements.

We have partnered on developments across South Africa, and even outside of our borders in Ghana.


Turnkey Services

All development services from one team under one roof


  • Our experienced team of Design Consultants will produce technical drawings and 3D renders for all projects


  • Our 4 production and warehousing facilities span over 22,450m2, and are home to the countries most advanced cabinet manufacturing machinery 

  • This means all of your units are manufactured under one roof through one company, which allows us to control the source of supply far more than a company that outsources these processes 


  • Our experienced team of in-house fitters and installation managers ​ensure each unit is built to completion with a high standard of quality


Often development  projects are specified with impractical or outdated finishes, as developers and interior designers tend to have a limited view of the available materials in the market, or what is suitable for the particular use.

With our +25 years of design, manufacturing and installation experience, we add enormous value throughout every stage of the development process, chiefly specification. 


We will help guide the specification of your development so you are not only selecting finishes that are on-trend and aesthetically beautiful, but that are also suitable for it's particular use.

More Than A Manufacturing Partner

We add value far beyond the finished product


Endless Design Possibilities

Our wide selection of materials and technical know-how means you can think outside the box

The Kitchen Studio has built a reputation for being first-to-market with a variety of materials and finishes.


This coupled with our technical ability to produce complex and intricate finishes means you have the freedom to specify developments exactly how you want to. 

Don't compromise your development by appointing a manufacturing partner whose limitations become your own.